Centurion's Approach to Anesthesia

Centurion delivers anesthesia with the highest level of safety and care​.


Our doctors are safe, professional and board certified. Many members of our team are also fellowship trained in pediatric anesthesia, cardiac anesthesia and pain management to complement their already excellent skill sets.


Our staff is uniquely qualified and experienced to:

· Take charge in the event of a complication or emergency

· act in a friendly, professional manner, with providers and patients alike.

· communicate well in both English and other languages


Our physicians are full time ambulatory anesthesiologists. Our doctors show up on time, well rested and with the customer service attitude. Most importantly our staff loves our unique specialty within the world of anesthesia and enjoy communicating and conversing with our physician colleagues, office staff and patients. Our group and staff will become part of your family. We are here for our patients and clients all day every day.


We’re here for you, and will do everything possible to facilitate coverage even on a moment’s notice, and have complete flexibility for scheduling 24 hours a day.  We are always accessible to office staff, health providers, and patients to discuss, consult and advise both before and after a procedure.

Our professional billing office will get you answers to all billing and insurance questions quickly and accurately.


Centurion is waiting for you to give us the chance to go above and beyond your expectations, in every aspect of anesthesia.