Office Based Anesthesia

Office-Based Anesthesia (OBA), a subset of ambulatory anesthesia, is a core service of Centurion.

Office-based surgical and medical procedures have become more and more prevalent, and according to this article in The Ochsner Journal, the growth is widespread across a variety of specialties.   Surgeons, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists, dermatologists, and others have been moving their practices to an office setting.


The growth is well justified:


"Medical staff in office-based outpatient suites can certainly provide safe, effective, efficient, timely, patient-centered care." -The Ochsner Journal, PMID: 23267269


“Medically necessary surgical procedures performed in the office setting by dermatologists have an exceedingly low complication rate.” -Dermatologic Surgery, PMID: 22093178


But anesthesia in the office must be handled with care.  Here is what the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) has to say in their “Guidelines for Office-Based Anesthesia”:

“The ASA recognizes the unique needs of this growing practice and… there are special problems that ASA members must recognize when administering anesthesia in the office setting.”

Centurion staff are experts in addressing the many special considerations of the office environment from an anesthesiologist’s perspective. Among them are:

  • Monitoring and equipment

  • Procedure duration and complexity

  • Facility safety

  • Emergency and transfer protocols

  • Pre- and post- anesthesia care

Many anesthesia groups cover out-patient surgery centers to complement their hospital-based practice, or to help their hospital as an add-on service.  Centurion is different.  Ambulatory anesthesia is our bread and butter; it is the center of our focus.